Old Love

Just in time time for Valentine’s Day weekend, TSBP will warm your heart with a radio play adaptation of the story of Bud and Molly. He’s divorced. She’s newly-widowed. At her husband’s funeral, he emerges to pay his respects, leading to a re-awakening of forgotten emotions. Old Love is a story of romance, courtship and relationships between older adults.
Featuring the voices of:
Frank White
Liz Ross
David Gobby
Pat Darlington
Anita Haas
Mike Fleming
David McCallum
Manon Cunningham
Marge Trumper
Margaret Duthie
Sandra McCallum
Directed by Sandra McCallum
Produced by Jean-Guy Richard
FREE on Facebook.com/tsbpas starting at 8:00 PM EST February 11th, 2022

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