2022 AGM Welcomes New Executive

Sep 11, 2022

The 2022 AGM was held on September 9th, 2022 at the Centre Marcel-Dulude in St-Bruno. Over 40 members attended and ratified two modifications to the troupe’s regulations. These included a new article which allows a sitting president to stand for re-election. In the past, if a member other than  the current president was nominated for president, the current president was required to retire and could not be re-elected.

The make-up of the executive was also expanded from 8 members to 10 members, a reflection of the increased demands placed upon the elected members. Your new board was elected by acclamation with the following members and includes 3 new faces:

Executive committee

President Patricia Darlington
Vice-President Dave Maynard
Secretary Jocelyne Belley
Treasurer John Cochrane
Principal responsible for physical infrastructure Claude Poitras
Principal responsible for operational and
administrative technology infrastructure
Jean-Guy Richard
Principal responsible for relations with
the city
Claire-Andrée Lavoie
Francophone members representative Jean-François Marchand
Anglophone members representative Matthew Whitelaw
Member-at-large Martine Baudet


Good luck to our new team!

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