By Kate Atkinson

November 26 & 27, 2010

Directed by Sandra McCallum
Produced by Marge Trumper

Elizabeth, forty-something, childless, recently separated, just wants to be alone. She’s moved into a converted Victorian mansion, alive with history, character, woodworm and rot. But worse than that she’s besieged by invaders of the human kind. Her best friend, her sister, their mother, the builder and a photographer are all determined to make their mark. And a former inhabitant of the house, disturbed from her resting place by Elizabeth’s arrival, revisits her own long-forgotten past.

Alwyn Cawston was nominated for a Best Actor award at 2011 Gala of the FQTA (Fédération québecois du théâtre amateur).

The Cast
Tina Fedele Keating Elizabeth
Danielle Savoie Kitty
Emma Brookes Susie
Susie Cummins Ina
Michael Fleming Callum
Alwyn Cawston Alec
Jordan Keating Agnes
David McCallum Merric
Betty Docker Laetitia
Gigi Jackson Lavender
Elaine Houle Gertie
Jonathon Vanderzon Reverend Scobie

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