Il Campiello

By Carlo Goldoni
Adaptation by Richard Nelson from a literal translation by Erika Gastelli

November 30 & December 1, 2007

Directed by Christopher Brookes
Produced by Marge Trumper

This Goldoni comedy recounts the matrimonial scheming, gossip, and games enlivening the daily activity of a bustling but poor Venetian piazza where gaming, dancing and pandemonium reign. The haughty Gasparina catches the attention and interest of an attractive visiting Count. Zaretta and Gnese are two years too young to marry as their mothers desperately desire. Lucietta is not trusted by her jealous and handsome fiancé, Anzoletto, and the toothless mothers of all are busily plotting for husbands of their own. Squabbles run throughout this madcap story of the square, are silenced by a wedding feast, and erupt again as the festivities draw to a close.

The Cast
Mike Fleming Fabrizio
Tania Mateus Gasparina
Alwyn Cawston Donna Catte
Danielle Savoie Lucietta
Frank White Donna Pasqua
Melanie Lamarche Gnese
Andrée Taylor Donna Orsola
Andrew Trumper Zozetto
Ginete Gubbe Anzoletto
Guy Lamarche Cavalier
Mike Little Sansuga
Betty Docker
Sandra McCallum
Bruce Dare
John Cochrane
Mitchell Keating
Susie Cummins
Robert Ménard
Gigi Faro
Saraj Brookes
David McCallum
MacKenzie Keating
Chris Brookes
Marge Trumper

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