Opened Mail

By Jules Tasca

April 23 & 24, 2021

Directed by Frank White
Produced by Dave Maynard
Post-production audio by Jean-Guy Richard

Three hilarious scenes to offer you about letters and the people who write them.

Switching Rooms
The mortal combat between two nuns over exchanging the rooms they’ve each inhabited for 40 years.

Postcards from Sicily
A husband and wife traveling through Sicily have very different perspectives about their hair-raising adventures.

Bank Withdrawal:
A series of letters between a frustrated woman and a fertility clinic.

This play was produced using green screen technology and was shown on YouTube. It was produced during 2020-21 Covid-19 pandemic.

Opened Mail won the Arlequin award for Best Virtual Production at the 2022 Gala des Arlequins sponsored by the FQTA (Fédération québecoise du Théâtre Amateur) Also nominated were Andrew Prior for Best Actor and Dave Maynard and Jean-Guy Richard for Best Sound Track.

The Cast
Sandra McCallum Sister Mary
Betty Jean Quinn Sister Agnes
Liz Ross Angie
Andrew Prior Clifford
Pat Darlington Mrs. Muvo
David McCallum Dr. Malspern

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