By Neil Simon

April XX, 2006

Directed by Peter Crooks
Produced by XXXXX

In 1988, Neil Simon needed to cheer himself up. The solution was a farce in two acts, set in Palisades, that shows a dinner party gone topsy-turvy. An enjoyable romp that has been staged countless times all over the country, this is one of Simon’s most celebrated comedies. But it carries a subtle undercurrent of sadness, which becomes more clear when we set it alongside the events of the playwright’s life.

The Cast
Tina Keating Chris Gorman
Andrée Taylor Claire Ganz
Deborah Purdie Cassie Cooper
Betty Docker-Ménard Cookie Cusack
Guy Lamarche Ernie Cusack
Michel Blais Ken Gorman
Alwyn Cawston Glen Cooper
Charles Vézina Lenny Ganz
Matt Barbeau Officer Welch
Marie Beauchamp Officer Pudney

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