The Good Doctor

By Neil Simon and Anton Chekhov

November 28 & 29, 2014

Directed by Peter Crooks
Produced by Marge Trumper & Alwyn Cawston

A combination of Neil Simon and Chekhov, The Good Doctor is, by turns, charming, hilarious, sad, and touching. It centers around a writer, who speaks to the audience and shares his writing with them, throughout one day. He presents them with a plethora of scenes: some are from his childhood, others are his family and friends, and still others are his own life experiences. The audience meets a variety of characters, all of whom are immediately relatable and strikingly human.

The Cast
Frank White Narrator
Charles Vézina General/Kistunov
Andrew Trumper Cherdyakov/Husband/Assistant
David McCallum Man/Policeman
Allan Prentice Narrator (Drowned)
Alwyn Cawston Sexton/Sailor/Father
Jordan Keating Kuryatin/Boy
Sandra McCallum Woman/Woman
Christopher Brookes Peter
Ginette Gubbe Voice (Auditioner)
Betty Docker Mistress
Kelsey Roy Wife
Cailyn Wilcox Girl
Sarah Vanderzon Julia
Virginia Fedele Generals Wife
Susie Cummins Wife/Girl

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