The Ladies Man

By Charles Morey (adapted from the original by Georges Feydeau)

April 25 & 26, 2014

Directed by Peter Crooks
Produced by Christopher Brookes & Marge Trumper

The Ladies Man is Charles Morey’s loose adaptation of Georges Feydeau’s bedroom farce. In the play, Dr. Molineaux is impotent, but his wife thinks his lack of performance must be due to his infidelity. The doctor, recently married to his beautiful, young wife, Yvonne, cannot admit his problem, however, and lies about it, arousing her suspicions further. The problem is exacerbated by a cast of characters completely uninterested in anything except their own selfish maneuverings. In the end, all misunderstandings are straightened out and the doctor and his wife are happy.

Alwyn Cawston was nominated for a Best Actor Arlequin Award at 2015 Gala of the FQTA (Fédération québecoise de théâtre amateur).

The Cast
Alwyn Cawston Dr. Hercule Molineaux
Jennifer Garnett-Eddy Yvonne Molineaux
Tina Fedele-Keating Suzanne Aubin
David McCallum Gustave Aubin
R.J. Ménard Bassinet
Danielle Savoie Madame Aigreville
Mike Fleming Étienne
Gigi Jackson Marie

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