You’ll Get Used to It
The War Show

By Peter Colley

December 3 & 4, 2004

Directed by Sandra McCallum
Produced by Producer Name

You’ll Get Used to It traces a squad of Canadian soldiers and the women in their lives, from the beginning of their enlistment, to the final victory of World War II. From the rambunctious comedy of their boot camp days, to chasing girls in England, to the terrors of D-Day, this play captures the essence of that era through humour, songs, and drama.

The Cast
Patrick Aubert Dusty
Don Gilroy Sharkey
Bernard Belzile Jean-Pierre
Andrew Trumper Dudley
David McCallum Pops
Charles Vezina Sarge
Chris Brookes Smythe
Mike Little C.O. & Wilcox
Gigi Jackson Teacher
Annette Benchetrit War Bride and factory worker
Ron Trumper Dad
Peter Crooks Grandad
Shawnee Chartrand Medic, Wife
Francine Pilon Mother
Susie Cummins Farmer
Danielle Ménard Girl
Marie-Hélène Ménard Girl
Andrée Taylor Mother
Ginette Gubbe Factory Worker
Elaine Houle Susan
Betty Docker-Ménard Lady Astor & Nurse

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