You’re Virtually Driving Me Crazy

By Todd Wallinger

March 19 & 20, 2021

Directed by Christopher Brookes
Produced by Dave Maynard
Post-Production audio by Jean-Guy Richard

Four scenes about driver’s education follies all set in a car. This comical collection takes the point of view of antsy or annoyed instructors, as well as candid and sometimes clueless teens.
There’s a nervous teacher who doesn’t seem to know the first thing about driving. And a clueless teenage girl who brings some unexpected guests to her first driving class. In one scene, a teenage boy is forced to share a car with his temperamental ex-girlfriend. And then there’s yet another teenage girl who can’t break away from her phone long enough to learn how to drive.

This play was produced using green screen technology and was shown on Facebook. It was produced during 2020-21 Covid-19 pandemic.

You’re Virtually Driving Me Crazy was nominated as Best Virtual production at the 2022 Gala des Arlequins sponsored by the FQTA (Fédération québecoise du Théâtre Amateur). Also nominated was Mike Fleming for Best Supporting Actor.

The Cast
R.J. Ménard Mr. Pinkley
William Harvey Tony
Martina Foteva Ms Van De Groot
Sophia Crawford-Kenney Brooke
Mike Fleming Dad
Anita Haas Mom
Isabella Cornell Little Susie
John Cochrane Mr. Sanchez
Ava Terrigno Ashley
Norman Tinkler Ben
Ginette Gubbe Ms Granville
Neema Chhoyang Kendra

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